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Dr. Laura Blaisdell MD/MPH, FAAP provides camps, schools and businesses with expert advice and evidence-based strategies to prevent communicable disease.

A practicing physician and public health campaign leader, Laura Blaisdell specializes in smart, simple, science-based solutions to complex public health challenges like COVID-19. If you need a clear plan of action to prevent communicable disease and/or overcome vaccine hesitancy that is completely customized to the way your organization really works, talk to Laura Blaisdell today.

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How and when can you open safely under new COVID regulations? What must you do to prepare? How can you overcome vaccine hesitancy?

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Traveling to Camp Safely: How Do You Get There From Here?

Safely transporting staff and campers is one of the first challenges summer camps face.

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Hello and happy April 2021! Today, I am writing with some tips on discussing vaccines with staff and a couple of FAQs about vaccines for kids age 12-15. Vaccine Discussions Many of us are having conversations with our staff or potential staff about being vaccinated for camp. Even though many of us are not making […]
Summer Camp
With two effective COVID-19 vaccines and a third having received FDA authorization for use, the two questions on America’s minds are 1) where and when do I get one? and 2) Once I do, what can I do that I can’t do now?
Brian Ratner struggled over whether to send his two children to overnight camp last summer. Even though Camp Robin Hood, located in Freedom, N.H., had a solid plan to create a safety bubble, Mr. Ratner knew there was a risk of a Covid outbreak.


is a board-certified, public health trained pediatrician and advocate with expertise in vaccine policy and camp medicine. Currently consulting with schools, camps, and businesses on communicable disease prevention protocols and strategies, she shares her expertise on local and national media and serves as medical advisor to the American Camp Association (ACA).