Practical medical science and strategy for safe group gatherings and overcoming vaccine hesitancy.

Dr. Laura Blaisdell is a trusted and engaging voice on topics that are top-of-mind today.

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COVID-19 prevention in summer camp, school, or workplace settings

What is the science and data on gathering safely? How do you diligently layer public health interventions to prevent and mitigate the spread of COVID-19? What role does testing and vaccination play in our planning?

Vaccines, Hesitancy & Resistance

How do vaccines work? What is the historical and current understanding on vaccine resistance? Why is vaccine hesitancy natural and how to we approach it?

Policy & Strategy to Prevent Pediatric Infectious Disease

How do we create foundations in medical home, schools and camps that promote health and prevent infectious diseases through vaccination?


Dr. Laura Blaisdell in a video talks about how the summer looks to be another COVID-19 summer.

2021 Looks to Be Another COVID Summer

Dr. Laura Blaisdell in a video provides guidance on COVID-19.

Dr. Laura Blaisdell Provides Medical Guidance on COVID-19

Dr. Laura Blaisdell in a video speaking to Maine Summer Camps and answering questions about Summer 2021.

Maine Summer Camps: Summer 2021


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Laura Blaisdell MD/MPH, FAAP

is a board-certified, public health trained pediatrician and advocate with expertise in vaccine policy and camp medicine. Currently consulting with schools, camps, and businesses on communicable disease prevention protocols and strategies, she shares her expertise on local and national media and serves as medical advisor to the American Camp Association (ACA).