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Moving forward in our COVID-19 world, but uncertain you are doing it safely?

Smart, sound, practical direction and communication for gathering safely.

Public health and prevention expertise

Laura Blaisdell provides camps, schools and businesses with expert advice and evidence-based strategies to prevent communicable disease.

Hands-on experience in camps, schools, and business environments

Pediatrician, researcher and advocate Laura Blaisdell has dedicated her career to making medicine and public health policy work for schools, camps, and businesses. In 2020-2021 alone, she has worked with 50+ camps and camp-related organizations, schools, insurance companies, wedding facilities and other businesses to create customized operating solutions.

Smart, public-health and business-minded strategies

With rapidly changing guidelines based on ever evolving policy, research and science, institutions and businesses find themselves in a chaotic and shifting landscape of information and regulations. How do you implement the latest public health guidelines responsibly and profitably? How should breaking news about variants and vaccine approvals change your plans? How do you create policies capable accommodating changes in capacity limits, physical distancing recommendations, or required health screenings? Dr. Blaisdell’s pragmatic approach finds smart, science-based solutions in even the most confusing and unworkable situations.

A record of safety and success

While no one can promise 100% COVID-free environments, Dr. Blaisdell has a proven track record of helping organizations plan and pull off safe, successful operations. In August 2020, Dr. Blaisdell and her colleagues described the success of Maine Summer Camps in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR). COVID-19 outbreaks were prevented in 4 summer camps hosting over 1000 attendees.

Summer Camp

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Find out how Laura assisted schools, teachers and operations teams nation-wide!

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"I provide evidence-based solutions, education and develop decision-making skills for institutions that are ready to open safely."


Laura Blaisdell MD/MPH, FAAP

is a board-certified, public health trained pediatrician and advocate with expertise in vaccine policy and camp medicine. Currently consulting with schools, camps, and businesses on communicable disease prevention protocols and strategies, she shares her expertise on local and national media and serves as medical advisor to the American Camp Association (ACA).